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Landes Bioscience

License Terms of Use:

For Dalhousie Library users

Can I put it on e-reserve?


E-reserves are collections of electronic copies of materials made and stored on a secure network (like the University course space, BrightSpace) for use by students in connection with specific courses of instruction.

Can I put it in a course pack?


Course Packs are compilations of materials assembled by an academic institution for use by its students in a class for the purposes of instruction.

Can I link to it?


For instructions on the best way to create links to electronic resources, please refer to our permanent url guide.

For Libraries

Is ILL allowed?


Interlibrary loan or Document Delivery is a service whereby users from one library may borrow material from another library. Requests are made through Dalhousie's Document Delivery Service.

If your intended use is not covered here or you have additional questions about license permissions, please contact copyright.office@dal.ca.